Created for the Master System Pro, the Cosmichrome Select e-Gun™ allows the immediate release of balanced plating solutions for a flawless mirror chrome finish. It has revolutionized the efficiency of spray chrome technology, and we are proud to be the only one offering such a device for our Master System Pros!

Designed, built, and produced by Cosmichrome, this technology emerged as a result of witnessing the struggle of spray chrome applicators who use our competitor’s machines. With the Select e-Gun™, one gun does it all! Gone are the days of using multiple guns and achieving poor results! Our Select e-Gun™ is integrated with a simple step by step computerized sequencer that guides you through the plating process with a click of a button. We’ve designed it with you in mind, and as a result have simplified the chroming process and reduced the number of errors made, as well as cut down on learning curves!

Select e-Gun™ | How It Works

The Select e-Gun™ is the ultimate spray gun technology! Because this gun allows its user to apply all the products needed during the plating process by using only 1 spray gun instead of 4, it has now become part of chroming history! 4 guns in 1 means that at the end of each project, you only have 1 to clean! Cleaning takes under 1 minute and you don’t need to dismantle any parts. Thanks to the Master System Pro’s integrated Rotary Switch, all the cleaning of the Select e-Gun™ is done by the machine. You only have to push the selector and trigger buttons to pass distilled water and pressurized air through the spray gun nozzles to have your gun be clean, dry and ready again for the next use!

The patented Select e-Gun™ is an airless spray gun requiring no needle removal, and no adjustments or calibrations are ever required.  It’s made of a high-quality plastic that is very durable and chemical resistant. It only weighs 750 grams and works on low voltage (24V). Once the power button is set to be ON position, it flashes 4 colored LED lights 4 times to show that the power is ON and ready for use. The black button on the front is the trigger button that releases the products. The red button on the back is the sequence selector. The sequencer indicates with colored LED lights how to follow the appropriate steps for plating.

Select e-Gun™ Cleaning Tools

The Select e-Gun™ comes with 2 hand tools, in the event that you need to do some light cleaning.


This tool makes a perfect fit on the nozzle cap,
allowing effortless unscrewing. On the opposite
side it has a small pin fitting into the nozzle to
break and release any particles from the tip
causing resistance to the flow.


This wrench is the tool you will need in the event
you need to replace the nozzles or upgrade
them to a larger size.


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