Here are a few simple tips for our machine filling guidelines that help make sure you don’t run into any technical difficulties that could have been otherwise avoided!

To prepare your chrome plating system for use, it is necessary to follow certain machine filling guidelines to ensure that your Cosmichrome Pro machine is fully functional. 

The Master System PRO is equipped with four 18-liter stainless steel tanks.

The Mini System PRO is equipped with one 18-liter tank and three mini-tanks that can contain about 1-liter each. 

If you don’t use Cosmichrome often, fill in the tanks only with the quantity of products that are needed for the job. 

The G5, and distilled water can be left in the tanks for up to 6 months, and the G4 up to three months.

 To fill the A22 activator tank, pour in only what you think you will need for the job of the day. Throw the leftover product away at the end of every workday. 

For the 18-liter tanks, the maximum level to which your G4, G5, and distilled water must be filled, is about 2 inches from the lip of the outside of the respective tank.  

For the Mini System tanks, fill about 2.5 inches (about 1 liter is good) from the lip of the container.

To ensure the proper functioning of your Pro machine it is very important to NOT overfill the tanks.  If product tanks are overfilled, there is a risk that the chemicals may enter the black airline hoses by passing through the valves located on the top of the tank. If the chemicals get inside the airlines, they will then spread throughout the black hoses in the machine and contaminate the other products thereby ruining the plating process.


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