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Dai un’occhiata ai video su questa pagina per comprendere le trasformazioni che puoi effettuare usando la vernice cromata a spruzzo Cosmichrome!

Off Axis Paint – Why Cosmichrome?

See why Off Axis Paint chooses Cosmichrome for their spray chrome paint system!

West Coast Customs 2016 – Kid Rock’s Cadillac

Check out the Cadillac makeover that WestCoast Customs made for Kid Rock, using Cosmichrome spray chrome!

Camaro Tech – Cosmichrome Process

See the Cosmichrome chrome plating process as featured at SEMA 2019 – filmed by Camaro Tech.

Cévé Official: “Moons Balloons” – by L’AERO

Watch the process of making Cévé Official‘s art installation, “Moon Balloons,” by French Cosmichrome distributor, L’AERO.

Off Axis Paint – Cosmichrome Process

See the Cosmichrome chrome plating process as done by Off Axis Paint!

Counting Cars – Ryan Evans, Count’s Kustoms

Ryan Evans and Lonny Speer Cosmichrome users on the TV show Counting Cars.

Watch the full episode here

West Coast Customs 2017

We are proud to be chosen by West Coast Customs again for their spray chrome!

Momo Morgan – Daniel Gokey, Insane Paint

Video realized by Red Stop Productions.

Record Breaking Spray Chrome Project

By Insane Paint. Video realized by Red Stop Productions.

MG 1952 _ Cosmichrome for SEMA 2015

Copyright 2015 Cosmichrome – All Rights Reserved

Tour de France 2017

Project and video realized by

Adam Bitzanis Cosmichrome Dragster

Video realized by PERCEVALRACING.

Chrome Soccer Ball

Copyright 2016 Cosmichrome® _ All Rights Reserved


Pontiac Solstice

Copyright 2008 Cosmichrome _ All Rights Reserved

SpeedTV on Cosmichrome

SEMA 2012 in Las Vegas

Speed TV’s 2011 SEMA Show special in the Cosmichrome booth

LG Cosmichrome production line for kitchen appliances

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