Instagram Tips

Instagram Tips

Make a bigger impression.

Build on your brand with Instagram tips and Cosmichrome!


We're not all born social media gurus.

That's why we put together a few guidelines for our users to reap the benefits.
See our tips below for making great Instagram content for your followers!


Respirator Mask

Wear A Mask


Cosmichrome is like any other spray paint – you should always wear a mask when applying it. We sometimes get complaints from our viewers that some of our applicators don’t always wear their masks while spraying. As it’s important to appear as professional as possible, please make sure from now on that you’re wearing a mask, especially when you’re on camera! Not only for your viewers, but for your own health as well!

Include Descriptions

Sometimes some of our applicators post a picture of something and don’t add a description of what it is. This may not be a big deal for some viewers, but for a lot of people who aren’t as familiar with your industry or the pieces you’re chroming, it may be really confusing! So, the more descriptive, the better, in our opinion. It also helps our Social Media team to make a great re-posts of your works afterwards! So please remember to be descriptive to benefit from happy viewers’ likes and comments!

Use our Hashtag

One of the most important Instagram tips to help your Cosmichrome pieces get more notice is to include our hashtag, #cosmichrome in your Instagram posts! Not only does it allow your pictures to be seen more by people who follow Cosmichrome, but it allows our team to see your content more readily, so they can share it out instead of losing it in the flood of applicators’ posts. Giving us a shoutout by our handle, @cosmichrome is also very appreciated!

Quality Images

A messy background takes away from the image in the foreground. Best practice is to make sure you have the least amount of distracting objects in the background (garbage, used chemical bottles, dirty walls, cluttered desks, overly busy scenery, etc.) and also make sure that the surrounding environment is as clean as possible. A clean environment reflects on your level of professionalism to your viewers. In addition, make sure to hold your focus on your phone camera before taking your pictures – Nobody likes fuzzy images.

Keep Objects Centered

This is one of the most important aspects that a lot of businesses seem to overlook. When taking your pictures, it’s really important to make sure that the object being focused on in the foreground is as close to the middle as possible. The viewer wants to be able to see the entire object! They don’t want to be kept wondering what the rest of your chromed piece looks like. Imagine only being able to open a portion of your gift on Christmas! Pretty irritating, right?


Maintain Aspect Ratio

Instagram tips such as remembering the two image ratios which they use and allow onto their platform; 4/5 & 1:91/1,which is basically a squareIf you don’t format your images to one of these two ratios, they will get cut off in ways that you nor your viewers will like! This goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip of making sure to center your objects. A great way to make sure that your images always comply to the square ratio is to go into the square mode on your iphone’s camera settings. Watch the video below to see how!

How to enter square mode on your iPhone:
-Go to your camera
-Slide the bottom camera options to ‘Square’


Adjust Lighting

If the lighting in your image is too bright, it doesn’t look very good. It can make a lot of detail disappear, especially with chrome objects. It’s better to go a bit darker than brighter. You can always edit the brightness afterwards if it’s too dark, but there’s not much you can do if it’s too bright. If you have an iPhone, you can see in the video below how to lower your brightness.

How to change brightness an iPhone camera:
-Tap the screen once within your camera.
-Slide up and down to desired level of brightness.


Lifetime Support
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Remember, we’re always working to make Cosmichrome products and its users the best they can possibly be. We’re a community, so the more effort you put into your business, the better it reflects on both of our brands, and the more chances of it succeeding and reaching new heights together!

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