Our Counter Pro machines are excellent when it comes to YOUR BUSINESS, you want to make sure to cut down on costs and amp up on sales! It’s the way of the world.

That’s why we added this handy feature on our Pro chroming machines – The G4/G5 Counter.

It lets you count in seconds HOW MUCH product you use, AS YOU USE IT!

The second you start spraying, the counter pro turns on. Stop spraying, it stops!

This way, you can accurately measure how many grams of product you use per second.

You can better judge your future needs, as well as how much to charge your customers!

In other words, this counter can be used to calculate in seconds how much of both G4 & G5 solutions will be used on an individual part.

The ON button activates the counter but will only start counting once the G4 & G5 products are being sprayed.

The reset button is at the bottom of the counter pro machine. The counter formula is 8 grams of solution (for G4 & G5 each) per second.

Therefore, all that you need to do to measure the number of grams per second is multiply!

EX: 30 seconds X 8 grams =  240 grams of product used.


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