Epoxy Clay & Wood Designs

Epoxy Clay & Wood Designs

Here we have a stunning example of what can be done with Cosmichrome spray on chrome in the art industry! Jackfruit and wood get chromed!

These works were done for Tamara Barraj, a designer in Lebanon. Our applicator, Colorwall is responsible for putting these pieces together!

They registered the size and texture of a Jackfruit, then printed it out in epoxy clay.

Next the chrome plating process, starting from Basecoat and ending in the chrome plating, was processed and realized.

The end result is a stunning Jackfruit containers in Gold, Chrome, and Copper metal finishes.

The artist also requested some wood pieces to be plated in our chrome paint, which resulted in beautiful works that clearly display the

before and after of Cosmichrome spray chrome systems, as well as the natural world and synthetic worlds working in perfect harmony.



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