The world of Cosmichrome is an exciting and creative one! One of the many aspects that makes Cosmichrome stand apart from conventional chrome is that it can be colored! With conventional chrome, you can’t add any extra paint or protective layers, but with Cosmichrome spray chrome paint, our Topcoats are what gives the chrome its multitudinous range of color possibilities! In this post, we’re going to address how to make your chosen color go from light to dark in a few simple steps;


  • As with all Cosmichrome applications, we must add 2 coats of Basecoat to our part to prepare it for the plating process.
  • Apply thin coats and wait 10 minutes between coats to avoid streaking and orange peel.
  • Allow Basecoat to dry for 24hrs before moving on to the next step.


  • Apply plasma to your part to ensure the Basecoat is dry and ready to accept the plating solutions. Wait 10 minutes before plating.
  • Follow the Cosmichrome plating procedure! This is made easy with Master System Pro, because the Select E-Gun is designed to have all steps integrated into a push of a button, see more on the Select E-Gun by clicking HERE.
  • If you have the Cosmichrome Speed Seal, apply it now. The speed seal will help eliminate the water from the surface much quicker and will help to seal the metal allowing less oxidation to take place on the surface of the metalized finish. Spray the Speed Seal all over the metal and wait a few seconds. Rinse with distilled water.
  • As usual, be sure to dry off your part with the Master or Mini System Pro’s integrated air guns.


After you have sealed the plated surface with the Cosmichrome Topcoat Clear, it is now time to apply a colored Topcoat over the surface.

  • As in the instruction manual for your Mini or Master System Pro, measure out the amount of Topcoat Clear required for the job at hand.
  • Use a scale to measure out the amount of Catalyst you will need for the part.
  • Add a measured amount of your chosen Cosmichrome Color to the Topcoat/Catalyst mix.
  • Combine the ingredients with a clean plastic stir stick.
  • Add mixture into your spray gun
  • Wait 10 minutes before applying.
  • Apply each layer of Topcoat 1 at a time, and wait 10 minutes between coats.

You will see that as more layers of colored Topcoat are sprayed onto the part, the darker your shade of color will appear! Gradients can be achieved by carefully applying varying amounts of colored layers one on top of the other. The only limit is your imagination!