Cosmichrome Golden rules 3 of 3!

We’ve been very pleased to have been able to make these for you, and we’re looking forward to seeing all the great work you’ll be making with your machines!

Here they are; the last of 3 sets of Golden Rules:

Rule 11. Hold All Parts Vertically

When plating, be sure to hold or position your part vertically. This is done to ensure that plating solutions can easily run off your part. If this is not done, the luster of your chrome may not be the same in some areas and you may risk ruining your part from improper rinsing.

Rule 12. Use Proper Plating Technique

Always spray the plating solutions starting from the bottom and move quickly upward to cover the entire surface. Use long sweeping motions from side to side to ensure equal plating across your part. Do not wait until you see the metal forming at the bottom and then start moving up. You must apply the metal everywhere evenly and equally. Remember, spray chrome is a plating process, not a regular painting process; you must spray a constant stream of product, not spray intermittently!

Rule 13. Apply Generous Amounts of Plating Solutions

Always apply generous amounts of plating solutions to your part. Be sure to spray for a few seconds more after you think the plating looks bright without showing any more yellowish tints.

Rule 14. Thoroughly Rinse Your Part!

When rinsing steps are applied during the plating process, always make sure to thoroughly rinse your part! If you don’t rinse properly, the leftover chemicals will contaminate the plating leaving stains on the metal.

After the A22 application and the metalizing step, rinse your part well using plenty of distilled water especially in all cracks, crevices, and edges! If using the Cosmichrome Speed Seal, make sure to thoroughly rinse your chrome afterward as well!

Rule 15. Keep Your Equipment Clean

At the end of the day, be sure that your equipment is clean. Always flush your machine and Select e-Gun by following the self-cleaning procedure. From time to time, inspect your spray booth; clean your floors and walls, and verify that your ventilation filters don’t need replacement.

If your plating seems yellow once Topcoat has been applied, it may be time to perform a “Cup Test”. This is done to verify if your nozzles are partially clogged and don’t spray the plating solutions in equal amounts. To see instructions on the Cup Test, please visit our website and see our dedicated online training video.

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