ColorWare was founded on the idea that electronic devices could be more appealing than the standard colors offered by the original manufacturer. ColorWare chooses Cosmichrome for products which are creative and fashionable, giving their customers something unique that sets them apart from all the rest.

ColorWare is the only company in the world where you can create your own bespoke electronic device. The range of products spans from headphones to computers, portable PC’s, phones and gaming consoles. They are experts at coating and branding.

ColorWare rocked the headphone market in 2011 by collaborating with Beats and producing a limited edition Chrome Dr Dre Beats headphones.  ColorWare chooses Cosmichrome to spray chrome coating to apply on Sennheiser microphones. These stunning microphones are highly regarded by the world’s most famous recording artists.

No company is more demanding of quality and performance than ColorWare and we are proud to be their spray chrome supplier for the past three years.

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