Topcoat Chrome vs topcoat Clear

Cosmichrome has two different Topcoats that are used after the plating process; the Topcoat CHROME and Topcoat CLEAR.

TOPCOAT CHROME and TOPCOAT CLEAR can be used directly on the plated metal surface.

Both Topcoats use the Catalyst V390.

Use the Top Coat Chrome if you wish for your part to look like natural chrome plating when finished.

Use the TopCoat CLEAR if you plan on using colors.

Cosmichrome sells two formats of color dye that are used for coloring the Topcoat; 30 ml and 250ml.

The mixing ratios are indicated on the bottles, and you can also refer to them in your instruction manual.



Before using either Topcoats, shake the cans well for one minute.

Use a quality scale to weigh the solutions.

The Topcoat Chrome comes with a pre tinted blue-violet color. This is to ensure a proper chrome color to simulate real chrome plating.

The ratio of Topcoat to Catalyst is 100 grams of paint to 40 grams of hardener.

Pour out 100g of Topcoat CHROME.

Pour out 40g of the Catalyst V390.

Stir for one minute and strain the mixture through a 125 micron filter.

Allow the mixture to sit for ten minutes before spraying.

Additional clear coats can be added on top of our Topcoats for further endurance and protection against extreme environments, temperatures and wear and tear.

Dry times for the Topcoats are 24 hours at room temperature.

If you are baking, the maximum temperature is 40C or 100F for one hour or more.

The Topcoat will remain soft but will harden over time, approximately two to three days later.

topcoat chrome result


Into a measuring cup,

Pour out 100g of Topcoat CLEAR.

Add 40g of the Catalyst V390.

The measurements for Topcoat to Catalyst are the same as TOPCOAT CHROME.

Add a chosen color dye to the mixture by weight.

Most batches will need anywhere from 1- 6% color dye.

The amount of dye affects the depth and shade of color desired.

Mix for one minute.

The plated surface must be sealed with Topcoat CLEAR or CHROME before any colored Topcoat is added. This is to create a barrier and prevent dye from reacting with the silver.

Allow the barrier coating to dry at least five hours before applying Top Coat CLEAR that contains dye.

As these are transparent dyes, the more coats that are sprayed, the darker the shade will become.

To protect the colored layers from scratches and for additional UV protection, It is suggested to apply an additional layer of TOPCOAT CLEAR over the colored Topcoat.

Should you encounter light scratches, you can always buff them out to the last layer of TOPCOAT CLEAR.

This last layer can be applied after 20 minutes of applying the colored Topcoat.

Cosmichrome has many colors available, and it is possible to mix and match to create your own colors and tones.


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