A sleek and reflective spray chrome finish is customary on objects like appliance handles, motorcycle tire guards ( I don’t know what these are. Ready to spray paint a car with spray chrome the whole thing or just the fenders?), and artistic sculptures. It may surprise some to learn that a chrome finish is becoming increasingly popular with automobiles. Aside from singular parts like bumpers and rear-view mirrors, both professional race car teams and private citizens have been painting their entire cars with spray chrome for a lustrously attractive finish.

A chrome car finish is an eye-catching statement of both style and status, Many are wondering how to get a mirror finish with spray chrome. Here are some tips to facilitate the process!

spray paint car with spray chrome front end

Steps in How to Spray Paint a Car with Spray Chrome


How to get a mirror finish with spray chrome isn’t entirely difficult, but definitely requires forehand knowledge and good technique. These tips will help you get your car, truck, van, or any other vehicle shining with a resplendent chrome finish in no time! 

#1 – The Right Tools for the Right Job


Getting a car (or any vehicle for that matter) to sport a professional-looking chrome finish is going to take more than buying a few spray cans from Home Depot and asking the neighbor’s kid to help you spray. You need a professional system that is both affordable, well-supported, and proven to work. Cosmichrome has delivered on all these points with both the Master and Mini Systems PRO, and can get the finish for the vehicle that you’re looking for.

#2 – Safety First 


Before painting of any kind and especially when using spray paint, you need to make sure you’ll be working in a well-ventilated booth to avoid breathing in chemicals. You need to wear a respirator as well as gloves and safety goggles.

#3 – Remove the Part


Applying the mirror finish with spray chrome on any car part (whether it be on the interior or exterior of your vehicle) requires you to remove the part, if at all possible. This will facilitate the process immensely by allowing you to spray the coat more evenly, avoid awkward positioning while working, allow for quicker drying, and avoid errant spraying on other parts of your vehicle.

#4 – Clean the Surface


Before you engage in the application of spray chrome paint, you need to ensure the surface of your vehicle (or part) is extremely clean and free of dust particles, dirt, and grime. You can clean thoroughly using a microfibre cloth, and ensure your surface is completely dry before the application.

#5 – Apply Evenly 


Perhaps the trickiest and most important step in how to get a mirror finish with spray chrome is to ensure you apply the base coat paint evenly. Aside from having a practiced eye and steady hand, you’ll need to ensure your surface is completely smooth and devoid of any bumps or grooves. This may require some sanding to smooth out the surface and have it ready for application.


#6 – Follow the Cosmichrome Method


The Cosmichrome method in applying spray chrome paint is second to none and produces professional quality results. With the use of your favorite paint gun, (We highly recommend the SataJet 5000 HVLP 1.3mm), you begin the process by applying the Cosmichorome basecoat. After allowing your basecoat to air-dry, you then apply the plasma treatment. Then, using the patented Select e-Gun™ multi-phase airless gun, spray the activator on the surface of the base coat paint. Now it’s ready to accept the Cosmichrome. After drying the Cosmichrome layer, apply the Cosmichrome topcoat. Your mirror-like shine is all but assured!


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