Paint shops are often looking for the highest quality spray chrome system at the lowest price. Though they may be looking for the most bang for their buck when choosing a product, what they may not fully grasp are the equally complex and detailed processes that are involved in creating that beautiful, one-of-a-kind item.

As a matter of fact, those processes are often completely unknown or taken for granted, and they can find themselves with an inferior product that doesn’t work as advertised. This means wasted time and resources. However, with Cosmichrome spray chrome technology, customers find themselves in an enriching world of quality merchandise and a product that delivers every time.


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Take, for example, the uniform reflectivity and resplendent beauty of the chrome finish on a motorcycle, upper-tier refrigerator handle, or even on a unique piece of modern sculpture.

For these items, a perfect chrome finish is expected, and only when that finish is dulled, scuffed, or scratched does the average consumer realize that picking up a can of spray paint from a local hardware store is just not going to return their items to a factory finish.

In fact,  it will do the opposite and damage the look and sheen of their item to the point of making it undesirable. Smart businesses who cater to discerning customers realize that it is a spray chrome system that makes or returns items to a showroom finish – a complex process that the team at Cosmichrome makes simple.



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Businesses that specialize in items or parts that require perfectly exquisite chrome finishes for their products (ex. automotive or appliance manufacturers and even modern artists) require a spray chrome system that is both easy to use and delivers perfect results every time.

Rest assured, the Cosmichrome system is so specialized and intricately discerning that it can be applied over any substrate that is of a porous material, such as wood, plaster, urethane, and foam, as well as metals and other alloys,  plastics, glass, and virtually any other substrate you can desire.

Additionally, the Cosmichrome system can apply a wide array of popular and upscale colors and shades, including gold, bronze, black, and brass, and more common colors such as red, blue, green, etc.



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A spray chrome system that promises both perfection and simplicity of use may seem too good to be true at times. However, a step-by-step explanation of our process for our potential clients will both demystify it and reassure them of our commitment to perfection!


  • Applying the Basecoat:

The surface of the substrate needs to be completely smooth to achieve a uniform sheen at the end of the process. An application of the Cosmichrome Basecoat prepares the raw surface for this. Simply spray the Basecoat over the object uniformly and allow it to dry.

  • Air-Drying or Baking

You can allow the Basecoat to air dry naturally at room temperature for 24 hours, but if time is of the essence, you may bake the Basecoat for 1 hour at 60°C/140°F.

  • Plasma Treatment

To improve the adhesiveness of the chrome plating to your substrate and to avoid undue flaking, spalling, or edge build-up, it is advisable to perform a plasma treatment to the substrate at this stage. Using a propane torch, briefly pass the flame over the dried Basecoat, assuring the flame comes in contact with the surface.

  • Applying the Activator (A22)  Solution

To ensure the chemical bonds between the Basecoat and the chrome plating will be strong, we spray an activator solution to the entire surface of the substrate at this stage. This will prepare the Basecoat to accept the metal in a way that reduces the potential for wear, as well as ensures uniformity of the sheen. 

  • Applying the Plating (G4 & G5) Solutions

Following a thorough rinsing of the activator solution, the substrate is now ready to receive the chrome plating. Two products are applied simultaneously through the Cosmichrome system, producing a chemical reaction that results in a perfect metal and reflective finish!

  • Applying the Topcoat

Following a thorough rinse and dry of the substrate, the application of a topcoat is performed. The topcoat is designed to seal and protect the metal plating, and can also give it the aforementioned colors of choice!


Whether you’re looking to chrome plate customer parts or do scaled production work, the Cosmichrome spray chrome process offers the most comprehensive and fully integrated system on the market. The all-inclusive system comprises materials that are are all created in-house, from Basecoat, Activator solution, plating solutions, and Topcoat. Let our Cosmichrome experts provide you with a full run down of the plating process, and see why our product is right for your business’s spray chrome needs. Book a consultation today and get started on your immersive Cosmichrome journey.


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