In an increasingly digital age, wrestling attention away from smartphones and tablets is crucial for those in areas where attracting the public eye is vital. For business owners, it means bringing people through the door to purchase goods or services. For artists, it means garnering critical acclaim or clients willing to pay for an alluring, one-of-a-kind piece. In both cases, having an eye-catching and attention-grabbing item can help that process along, like a radiant store sign or resplendent sculpture. Procuring such an item need not be a brain-bending nor time-consuming enterprise, as the simple application of Cosmichrome’s liquid chrome spray paint treatment can transform any old and dull eye-sore into a beautiful, multi-colored showpiece quickly and cost-effectively!


When given the option between chrome plating or spray chrome, many will choose the former, believing that the finish will be better-looking and longer-lasting. The truth of the matter is that spray chrome can produce results that are just as attractive and resilient, and at a much lower cost. Liquid spray chrome paint dries and is absorbed just as efficiently as in the chrome plating process, and its chemicals are less hazardous and toxic to people and the environment. As well, as liquid spray chrome paint:

  • bonds to the substrate just as well as chrome plating,
  • is highly weather, scuff, and salt-resistant,
  • is highly reflective,
  • and can produce thicker coats than chrome plating.

Additionally, the use of a liquid spray chrome paint allows for the ease of convenience of use, as it can be applied from the relative comfort of a garage or shop with a paint booth, and not have to be sent to a specialized factory, saving the user time, cost, and trouble.


Cosmichrome’s Master and Mini-System Pro bring all the benefits of a liquid spray chrome system to the comfort of a small business with a paint booth. As well, each system is capable of delivering a finish in literally every color of the rainbow. Our many satisfied clients have illustrated the potential of Cosmichrome systems to turn the mundane into the exceptional. The possibilities are only limited by the user’s imagination!

liquid chrome spray paint easter egg


Happy Easter!

Displayed prominently and suspended over the heads of revelers at a trendy and prestigious nightclub, this stunning green and silver “faberge” egg represents the joy and fertility of spring over all the guests!

liquid spray chrome paint town sqaure


A Kiss in the Town Square

Every municipality looks to brighten and enliven its old-world quarter with some new and lively art pieces, and this city was no exception. Located on the site of an old church, this spray-chromed, multi-colored balloon installation by CÉVÉ (Link had visitors and passer-bys “bear-ing” their true feelings towards her world famous sculptures!

The Fates Conspire

Featured prominently in the private home of a DC Comics fan, this Helmet of Nabu projects the ghostly and ethereal power of Doctor Fate, DC’s resident, and preeminent, multiversal magician!


There can be no doubt that a liquid spray chrome paint system can produce the same beautiful and durable results as chrome plating, and at a definitely lower cost. Additionally, liquid spray chrome is easier, more convenient, and safer to use, and can produce multicolored works of art that are sure to catch the attention of anyone who lays eyes on it!
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