For most, realizing the practical benefits or aesthetic beauty of a chrome finish is something that is as taken for granted as a towel rack or oven handle. Truth be told, there are many items that can benefit from an industrial spray chrome treatment, and in industries and fields exceptionally more varied than home appliances or decor.



automotive spray chrome

It would be hard to imagine a motorcycle or automobile without a classic  chrome finish on anything from bumpers to interior trim. Many antique car parts can’t be replaced. Cosmichrome allows you to restore them to their original glory. Although most automotive parts that sport a chrome treatment are factory standards, wear and tear can reduce that lustrous luminosity to a dull hue over time. Restoring that shine is a must for both practical and aesthetic reasons. 

Aside from imbuing a vehicle with a luxurious aesthetic appeal, a chrome finish can also be functional, providing a reflective surface that shines effortlessly day and night. 

Look no further than Cosmichrome’s systems to provide a beauteous new layer of chrome to any and all automotive parts. Both the Master System Pro and Mini System Pro are compact, user-friendly, efficient, and can restore any part to its factory shine or better!



boat spray chrome

Some industries lend themselves to spray chrome treatments more than others. After all, expecting a shiny chrome finish on your bumper or the handle of your fridge makes more sense than making the connection between chrome and fishing! 

Unless you’re an avid outdoorsman, it may surprise you to learn that fish like bass and walleye are extremely attracted to shiny objects. This stands to reason, as the carapaces of many insects and the scales of smaller fish glimmer to attract bigger fish to prey on them. 

For this reason, chrome lures are the lures of choice for many fishermen. Moreover, multi-coloured lures, which mimic the natural hues of insects and smaller fish, are exclusively sought after. 

Multi-colour chrome plating is no issue at all for Cosmichrome’s Master System Pro and Mini System Pro. They can produce nearly any combination of colors of the rainbow! Avid fishermen can rest assured of their next big catch with Cosmichrome in their corner!



Art Spray Chrome

An exclusive group of artists works with chrome plating to produce their one-of-a-kind masterpieces. These sculptures and paintings adorn everything from restaurant dining rooms, galleries, museums, corporate offices, and hotels, to private living rooms. In these efforts, the variety of creativity and expression is limitless, as are the materials and items they use in their craft. It’s not uncommon to find statues of ceramic, wood, or metal taking the shape of anything from a company logo to a bust of Elvis Presley! 

Any shape or material can be beautifully adorned with a layer of industrial spray chrome. Provided Cosmichrome’s plating process is carefully adhered to (including the preparation of an item with proper cleaning and possibly primer), nearly any substrate material can soon glimmer and shine with a lustrous chrome finish!

The variety of applications for spray chrome treatment are much more diverse than most people realize. With some knowledge and training, any material or item can transform from bland and unremarkable to glorious in only a few hours. Let Cosmichrome guide and instruct you on how to transform your work with either of our two chrome systems, instructional videos, app, and passion for our process!


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