Getting your designs noticed by prospective customers is one of the challenges in
businesses served by Cosmichrome, Consumers are presented with a barrage of messages
and their attentions can be fickle. Standing apart from the background noise is an
essential goal and Cosmichrome will get your designs noticed. People see designs in
Cosmichrome that are thought to be impossible.

What Does Chrome Finish Actually Mean?

“Chrome” is slang that generally refers to traditional chromium electroplating. Chromium
electroplating is falling out of favor because its environmental hazards. Cosmichrome is a
fantastic alternative to chromium electroplating because it’s identical in appearance
without environmental hazards. Additionally, Cosmichrome® can also be applied to
nearly any material and nearly any sized object whereas chrome electroplating can only be
applied to certain metals and a few specially made conductive plastics. The main reason
chrome plating is used so often is because it has traditional appeal. Its beautiful, shiny
appearance makes it great for decorative finishes. Cosmichrome duplicates this beauty
while being sprayed on somewhat like paint. Because it is sprayed on, there are no size

Cosmichrome is made by applying a mirror-like metallic layer between two proprietary
OEM quality paints. The metallic layers are applied with a Cosmichrome machine. The two
paint layers are applied with high-quality HVLP paint guns.

A spray chrome finish on plastic is one of those things that seems like it shouldn’t work but
does so beautifully. The ease with which you can go from a boring piece of plastic to a
glossy new chrome-coated object will leave you wondering why you didn’t try this sooner.

chrome plated plastic

Spray Chrome on Plastic – Is It Possible?

Yes. Absolutely. If you can paint it, you can spray it with Cosmichrome.

How to Achieve the Cosmichrome Chrome Finish on

Prepare the plastic for painting as you would for any other paint. Apply a catalyzed primer
if the part requires priming for adhesion and leveling rough surfaces.  

Sand the part to 1000 – 1200 grit. Take your time and do a thorough job. Remember, you
are creating an extremely shiny finish and scratches will show if you miss them with the
sandpaper. Next, you’ll want to clean the surface thoroughly to get rid of any sanding
debris and contaminants. Use a tack rag too but don’t press too hard.

With the preparation complete you can go ahead and use Cosmichrome spray chrome.

The Downsides of Spray Chrome on Plastic

Most of the downsides to chrome paint on plastic arise from the fact that it’s essentially a
hybrid of paint and plating. Because it involves paint it can’t tolerate the high temperatures of metal plating alone. The maximum temperature of Cosmichrome is 350F.

Because Cosmichrome is sealed with a clear top coat, it can suffer from the same damage as
any paint like scratches and nicks. Yet Cosmichrome passes UV tests. It will never turn
yellow or chalky from the sun. No Competing spray chrome is this tough!


Final Words

If you’ve ever wanted to put a chrome finish on your car or put some chrome detailing on a
plastic material like car trim, then you can do that with a spray chrome finish on plastic.
The spray chrome paint isn’t real chromium, but it has the same effect and looks just as
good. You’ll want to prep the surface properly before applying. The highest quality spray
chrome comes from Cosmichrome.

Once you’ve applied the paint, you’ll want to let the piece sit for a few hours before using
it. When you’ve let the paint dry, you’ll have a beautiful, shiny new piece that looks like it
was made out of metal. Thank you for reading.
Thank you for reading.

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