Achieving (or repairing) a resplendent chrome finish on a motorcycle parts, refrigerator handle, or a one-of-kind work of art is often a must for the owners of these items. Willing to do anything to secure the chromatic quality of their items, people will buy materials to do the restoration themselves or look for a service or company that will do it for them in a professional manner. In the latter case, finding a company or service that performs chrome plating “near me” is essential, as it will save the individual significant costs in shipping in a process that may already be costly for some.

Cosmichrome: The Canadian Chrome Plating Company Near You

Located in Brossard, Quebec, Canada, the proximity of Cosmichrome Headquarters to Montreal and key urban centers in Eastern Canada and the Maritimes ensures that these areas, their suburbs, and outlying urban areas can receive professional chrome plating services with efficient ease. Potential clients in these areas can personally visit our headquarters to research our chrome plating systems, The Master System Pro and Mini System Pro, as well as pick them up directly from our warehouse. Should travel seem impractical or unfeasible due to time, distance, or other considerations, the costs of shipping within the province or to nearby locations in Eastern Canada are significantly reduced when compared to international destinations, or even other companies based further west, in places like British Columbia. In terms of costs, time, and convenience, Cosmichrome’s “near me” chrome plating service is essential for Montrealers and citizens of Eastern Canada.        

Remote Services for the E-Generation

Physical proximity is not the only benefit Cosmichrome offers to clients in Montreal and Eastern Canada. They also have a robust and burgeoning remote service platform that can provide technical aid and purchasing opportunities to anyone with an internet connection locally or all over the globe. Through Cosmichrome’s desktop interface and mobile app, a literal library’s worth of product manuals, technical videos and practical “how-to” videos are all available to clients. As well, videos regarding both of Cosmichrome’s primary chrome plating systems, The Master and Mini Systems Pro, details their capabilities, benefits, and costs, allowing prospective buyers to purchase a system without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes or offices. 

Taking Chrome Plating Services Near Me Globally


There’s no doubt that Cosmichrome’s Brossard location provides fast, professional and cost-efficient “near me” chrome plating services to the citizens of Montreal and Eastern Canada, but what about the rest of Canada, or the world? Thankfully, Cosmichrome has affiliate locations in the United States, France, Portugal, Italy, and India that can provide the same quality services for the rest of North America, all of Europe, and Asia. Our corporate partners share the same passion for quality and dedication to customer service that Cosmichrome does. The Cosmichrome team is proud to be affiliated with like-minded entrepreneurs, and is pleased that our unique style and technique of chrome plating can transport the “near me” experience and its benefits to clients across the globe. 


Thank you for reading. Please don’t hesitate to contact Cosmichrome with any questions regarding its chrome plating systems and services.