How to Get a Mirror Finish with Spray Chrome To Shine Bright

One of the best features of a chopper is the chrome finish on parts like the handlebars or fenders. Riding down the highways and byways of California, that signature reflective glean is one that motorcycle owners spend hours polishing their bikes to get. Inevitably, and despite the best efforts in maintenance from their owners, the chrome finish on these motorcycles may either dull, chip, or spot, leaving desperate motorcycle enthusiasts asking how to get a mirror finish with spray chrome.

how to get a mirror finish on spray chrome motorcycle

The Issues with Over-the-Counter Spray Paint

The restoration of a mirror-like chrome finish to an object is not just the concern of motorcycle enthusiasts- it can apply to anyone from looking to restore an appliance handle to an entrepreneur wanting to spruce up their store sign.


The first instinct would be to do the job as simply and as cheaply as possible; in other words, visit the local Home Depot, buy a can of chrome spray paint, and apply it to your item as evenly as possible.


Unfortunately, this would be a grievous mistake for a few reasons. First, it is impossible to find spray paint that will match the reflective shine of the original manufacturer. This is especially true if the item comes in a different color than normal chrome. In both instances, matching the original color will necessitate a complete repainting of the item in order for the finish to be uniform. Also, unless the item is properly prepared to receive the paint and the person applying it is highly experienced with how to get a mirror finish with spray chrome, there is an excellent chance the paint will be applied unevenly. This has the effect of looking blotchy, mottled, and liquid-marked, ruining the overall aesthetic of the piece. What is needed is a professional spray-chrome application system that will restore the resplendent reflectivity of your item to a factory-new condition.

How to Get a Mirror Finish with Spray Chrome with Cosmichrome 


Cosmichrome has developed both the Master System Pro and Mini System Pro to deliver professional quality, mirror chrome finish to any object our customers see fit. Our patented, multi-step delivery system is accented by Select e-Gun™ technology. This will guide the user through the chrome plating process with a simple, step-by-step computerized integrated sequence that is as simple as pushing a button. Just press the red select button on the back of the gun to move to the next step. The LED light will change color each time to indicate a new step of the process, providing a simultaneously and instantaneously balanced plating for a flawless finish.


Learning how to get a mirror finish with spray chrome has never been easier than with Cosmichrome’s easy-to-use, user-friendly systems and extensive library of support videos, available online and through our mobile app. As well, our treatments come in multiple colors, ensuring a mirror-like reflection in all the colours of the rainbow. 


For more information on how to get a mirror-like finish with spray chrome and to learn about our spray chrome products and process, contact us today for your no-obligation consultation.

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