Some of our customers experience frigid weather conditions that make keeping chemicals at a consistent temperature more difficult year-round. When it comes to Cosmichrome, optimal chemical temperatures mean optimal results. Cosmichrome’s stainless steel chemical heating unit, designed to be installed on a Master System and Master System PRO, was created to conserve an ideal temperature for plating chemicals during colder climates and seasons.

It will additionally save the user money on products, because the plating process takes longer to actualize if the chemicals are too cool. Cold chemicals require more product to do the same job than if the chemical temperatures were optimal. Cold chemicals can produce a yellow cast to the plating instead of the look of bright chrome and we surely don’t want that!



Cosmichrome chemical heating unit

The Chemical Heating Unit functions with a digital controller to automatically set and achieve the optimal temperature within minutes. Easy to install and easy to use, the Chemical Heating Unit comes with a step by step video tutorial demonstrating installation and use.

With this heating unit, you turn the heat down in your warehouse at night and not need to wait for the Cosmichrome chemicals to warm again. Simply set the recommended temperature on the digital screen and in minutes you are ready to efficiently start spraying!


MAIN ADVANTAGEScosmichrome chemical heating unit

• Reduces chemical consumption
• Heats chemicals within minutes
• Saves energy
• Improves the chrome color
• Easy to use digital controller
• Works with any Master System, new and old models
• Save time and money



Cosmichrome chemical heating unit

1.) A sensor will read the current temperature of your chemicals.
2.) The unit will begin to heat the water in the heating tank and bring it to the appropriate temperature needed to meet the temperature set on the digital controller.
3.) As the products pass through the heating unit, the products will come out of the Select-gun at the ideal temperature needed to achieve the maximum quality and finish.



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