While electroplating was developed sometime in the 19th century, chrome plating began in the early 20th century via one of the pioneers of “chromium” plating, George J. Sargent. Modern-day chrome plating is used across many industries in various applications, but is there an alternative to chrome plating that’s just as good, or maybe even better? 


Disadvantages Of Hard Chrome Plating Methods

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Though hard chrome plating has its place, there are disadvantages that many struggle with including:

  • SLOWER APPLICATION TIME: The application time is much slower than our spray chrome system. Even for very small areas, the chrome plating process can take at least one hour.
  • HARD TO ACHIEVE UNIFORM THICKNESS: Due to the possibility of excess plating buildup on the edges of your component, achieving a uniform, even thickness becomes very challenging.
  • HARD TO MASK OFF SPECIFIC AREA: During hard chrome plating, your component needs to be completely submerged in the plating tank solution, which makes masking off an area that you do not wish to chrome very challenging and oftentimes impossible.
  • POOR ADHESION: Due to the possibility of micro-cracks and/or poor surface preparation, the plating process can result in poor adhesion.
  • COST: Traditional chrome plating can be costly, not only monetarily, but can also have costly negative effects on the environment, and has thus been banned in several states and countries.


Spray Chrome Benefits & Advantages

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Cosmichrome’s patented spray chrome system and technology have many advantages over traditional chrome plating. Here are a few notable benefits:

  • NO YELLOWING IN THE SUN: Besides being super simple and quick to apply, our Topcoat will never discolor or turn yellow in the sun.
  • SUPERIOR ADHESION: Our Basecoat can’t be over-dried! Because of this, there is no risk of losing intra-coating adhesion. In fact, the drier our Basecoat, the better the adhesion and gloss.
  • FLEXIBLE COATING: Once our Topcoat has completely dried, it gets very hard, but stays flexible.
  • WIDE RANGE SUBSTRATE POSSIBILITIES: Cosmichrome’s spray chrome technology can be used on any porous substrate surface. It is also very effective on various designs, shapes, and sizes, while alternatively, it is not the case with conventional chrome plating.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION PROCESS: Whether applying our spray chrome on wood, plaster, urethane, foam, or any other porous surface, our simple application process and our wide array of popular color options (such as gold, bronze, black, and brass) makes it simple and easy to produce the most upscale look, feel and finish.
  • MEETS MANY AUTOMOTIVE OEM STANDARDS: Cosmichrome’s patented spray chrome technology meets many OEM automotive paint standards and is widely used in many shops.

Interested in learning more about how our spray chrome process works? Check out our detailed information here. 

Cosmichrome: The Best Chrome Plating Alternative

Our spray chrome system and technology continue to be used and trusted by some of the most recognized brands across many industries and have become the best alternative to chrome plating.

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